Bag scanning for public buildings

Public venues are likely terrorist targets.  Visitor numbers are high and security is difficult, especially at peak times.  X-ray bag scanning for public buildings is an effective way to improve safety and security.  Threat items transported in bags, attaché cases or carry-items pose an ever-present danger. Hoaxes cause identical problems until they are identified. X-ray […]

3DX-ARX Handheld Raman spectrometer for security

The 3DX-Arx handheld Raman spectrometer for security applications detects and identifies over 14,000 trace-level chemicals, explosives and narcotics. Even when they are inside a container. It is non-destructive and gives highly specific data. It is designed for use in homeland security and defence arenas. Total cost of ownership is kept low. And it is compatible […]


3DX-Ray will be exhibiting at the Security & Policing Home Office Event in Farnborough, UK, from 15th to 17th March 2022. Find us on stand B5 where we will be showcasing our new AXIS-CXi cabinet x-ray scanning system. Security & Policing 2022 – apply to attend  

Metal detectors for stadia and events

It is comparatively easy to build a simple detector that detects metals.  However, it needs far greater understanding to build  good metal detectors for stadia and events. It must offer a range of sensitivities and work both consistently and well.  It must be adjustable and able to minimises false and unwanted alarms across a range […]

X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs

Terrorists and people wishing to create chaos, damage or disruption can see public transport sites as soft, high-value targets.  X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs is becoming critically important to guarantee public safety.  Threats concealed in bags, holdalls, attaché cases and other carry-items pose serious dangers for staff and public alike. Hoaxes cause the same […]

3DX-Ray in the news again!

ThreatScan features in the latest issue of BORDER SECURITY REPORT magazine as well as the Serstech 100 hand-held explosives, narcotics and chemical warfare agent detector, now globally distributed by 3DX-Ray  (see pages 11-12) Download the issue: Click here