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X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs

X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs
Terrorists and people wishing to create chaos, damage or disruption can see public transport sites as soft, high-value targets.  X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs is becoming critically important to guarantee public safety. 

Threats concealed in bags, holdalls, attaché cases and other carry-items pose serious dangers for staff and public alike. Hoaxes cause the same disruption, chaos and tension as real threats, until they are unmasked. And until then, they must be treated as real threats.  X-ray scanning for transport hubs can dramatically reduce this problem, and help to avoid chaos, disruption, fear and tension.

What can you identify with x-ray scanners?

  • Weapons such as guns and knives
  • Explosive devices
  • Power sources/triggers for IEDs
  • “White Powders” such as poisons and even liquids
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Nuclear (CBRN) materials or devices
  • Drugs
  • Blades and sharps
  • Hazardous or malicious items

Attacks from terrorists, shooters, people with a grudge or individuals who just want attention are reported daily from around the world. They continue to target crowded places such as  transport hubs, which often have limited protective security measures.  These areas have the potential for mass disruption and even casualties or fatalities.

Ever increasing demands are placed on  duty of care for visitors . Venues need reliable, proactive security measures to ensure people’s safety.  Then need to prevent problems from becoming crises or catastrophes.

X-ray scanning helps reduces problems created by hoaxes.  Suspicious package must be always be viewed as genuine until recognized. Sophisticated tools, analysis and materials differentiation techniques helps to distinguish hoaxes from real threats.

Is X-ray scanning safe in public places?


x-ray scanning with our equipment is completely safe to use in public areas.  3DX-ray systems uses a low dose continuous beam which is completely shielded to eliminate hazard. Our x-ray scanners and software and systems are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications. You can work on them all day, every day with no concern. they are ideal for X-ray baggage scanning for transport hubs

Link to the USA NIST Documentary Standards: X-ray Security Screening Applications.

AXIS™ X-ray mail scanning

With AXIS™ conveyor systems items are placed on the conveyor which takes them through a small “tunnel” where thy the contents are viewed and analysed.  The tunnels are camera safe.

AXIS™ systems produce clear images.  Easy-to-use software differentiates between materials and can even see through 3 cm of solid steel and still image whatever lies behind it. The system is compact enough to fit in areas where space is limited.

AXIS™ is ideal for X-ray screening for visitor attractions.  It offers rapid and accurate identification of threats and hoaxes.

  • Conveyor system for throughput speed
  • Clear, uncluttered images
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Highlights material types using different colours

Download AxisTM conveyor datasheet                        

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The CXITM cabinet x-ray system

The AXIS™-CXi x-ray system is smart, modern-looking and attractive.  It allows users to scan and identify items that seem to poses a threat. It is camera safe.  It is ideal for use when space is limited and can be wheeled around as needed.

The system has a large inspection chamber.  The software is advanced, powerful and intuitive.  Clear, high-quality images and uncluttered screens simplify identification.

  • Operator-friendly, even for non-technical specialists
  • Ideal for carry-items such as bags and shopping bags
  • Clear, uncluttered high-quality images
  • Colours highlight different materials
  • Has a large, roomy, inspection chamber
  • Full training available

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