Portable EOD X-ray generators and security systems are widespread.  The ability to see what is inside a suspect package is invaluable.  Bomb squads, military, police, security and special forces rely on them to make quick decisions on any possible threat.  They are key to neutralising dangerous objects and exposing hoax threats.  Our I-Gen IED / […]

3DX-Ray Wins Important US Bomb Squad Contracts

3DX-Ray have announced the sale of ThreatScan®- LS1 System Combination Packages and associated training programmes to the US Boston and Cambridge Police Departments Bomb Squads.   These are two of the premier bomb squads in the USA and have dealt with some of the biggest terror attacks over past years.   Following the delivery of […]

3DX-Ray wins contract to supply an important UK Police Force with four ThreatScan®-LSC Systems

3DX-Ray has announced a contract to supply one of the UK’s Constabularies leading counter terror units with four ThreatScan®-LSC Portable X-Ray Systems.   The contract was awarded after a rigorous selection process. Many competing systems were tested in demanding scenarios, where Wi-Fi range and operating around corners can prove extremely difficult.   But the ThreatScan®-LSC […]

x-ray mail threat detection for mailrooms

We live in an increasingly dangerous world.  Postal and courier services are often used by terrorists, campaigners, hoaxers and disgruntled employees.  Mailrooms and post rooms have been considered a “soft” option.  The effective way to protect staff and prevent hoax disruption is to use x-ray mail threat detection system. The system complies with British Standards […]