Threatscan x-ray contraband detection

3DX-Ray and ATEK Secure First Portable X-Ray Systems Sale to Australia

Following the appointment of a new marketing partner in Australia, ATEK, 3DX-RAY have secured a contract to supply four portable X-Ray scanning systems to an Australian Government customer. The systems to be supplied are the ThreatScan®-LSC, a combination package including a large format ThreatScan®-LS1 panel, a compact ThreatScan®-LS3 panel with back-pack, a tablet PC imaging […]

Letter bomb detector and mail threat detector

The AXIS™-CXi system is an advanced letter bomb detector and mail threat detector.  It scans and screens letters, mail, packages and small baggage to identify bombs, weapons, hoaxes, contraband or powders such as Anthrax and Ricin.  Its compact size and mobility are ideal for use in mailrooms, lobbies and goods inward areas It is one […]

Unattended baggage and transport hub security x-ray

Security is always threatened at any transport hub when people leave their baggage unattended.  And the threat is identical if it is accidental or deliberate.  As luggage left alone may contain a threat it usually triggers a security alert.  The response increasingly involves a transport hub security x-ray system to image the inside of any […]