PF Film – Process-free x-ray film for security and NDT applications

  PF x-ray film is a simple and convenient way to take x-ray images without a dedicated x-ray detector. It is ideal for both inspecting suspicious packages and for industrial (NDT) use. It creates high quality real-time x-ray images and is flexible enough to be taped anywhere on the item to be x-rayed.  It is […]

Security Staff & First Responder Course: An introduction to explosives, explosive effects, and IED fusing

This course introduces security staff to explosives and explosive effects. It covers basic explosive terminology, a description of military, civilian, home-made explosives and the effects of an explosion. This course provides detailed information about how explosives are used by terrorist in non-military applications and teaches students how to identify explosives using both visual and X-ray […]

MDXI Laboratory based cabinet x-ray system

MDXi is a high resolution turnkey x-ray inspection system suitable for stand-alone use in a laboratory or for integration into a production line. It offers a very effective method of uncovering subsurface defects and can show hidden voids and flaws in a variety of solid materials. Being completely non-destructive it will not harm the test piece. […]

X-rays for counter-surveillance

Today’s counter-surveillance techniques cover many areas including suspect item inspection, EOD evaluation, customs control and vehicle scanning. In these areas portable, real-time x-ray scanning systems quickly and accurately deliver more clearances than ever before, even in areas where dismantling a suspect item is impossible or impractical – such as with table tops, foam seats and […]