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X-rays for counter-surveillance

X-Rays equipment for Counter Surveillance

X-Rays equipment for Counter Surveillance

Today’s counter-surveillance techniques cover many areas including suspect item inspection, EOD evaluation, customs control and vehicle scanning.

In these areas portable, real-time x-ray scanning systems quickly and accurately deliver more clearances than ever before, even in areas where dismantling a suspect item is impossible or impractical – such as with table tops, foam seats and so on.  In many applications it is vital that at least part of any sweep non-destructive internal imaging of potential threats and x-rays provide the clearest and most conclusive solutions available.

Counter-surveillance operations have involved x-ray technologies for many years but today’s systems need to be able to detect and differentiate not only different materials but also items of ever-reducing sizes – for example fingernail sized devices – some of which are able to transmit over 2km. 

3DX-Ray’s portable and static digital x-ray systems can deliver the highest resolution digital x-ray images along with fast, clear counter-surveillance information.