3DX-Ray are exhibiting at this year’s Combat Engineer Exhibition 2024 at Larkhill Exhibition Centre today and tomorrow (20th and 21st March)

The event will welcome guests from NATO, UK MOD and 3DX-Ray will be showcasing their EoD capabilities, including the new smaller ThreatScan AS2 flat panel for their portable x-ray system. The new panel has been specifically designed for operators working in areas where access is very restricted. A smaller footprint with a slightly improved resolution as […]

3DX-Ray launches the first cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system with integrated AI software

3DX-Ray is pleased to announce that its established Axis-CXi system cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system is the first to fully integrate AI machine learning software functionality. 3DX-Ray, reaffirming its position as an innovator in security and screening technology, proudly announces that the official launch will take place at the prestigious 2024 Security and Policing event […]