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3DX-Ray launches the first cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system with integrated AI software

3DX-Ray is pleased to announce that its established Axis-CXi system cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system is the first to fully integrate AI machine learning software functionality.

3DX-Ray, reaffirming its position as an innovator in security and screening technology, proudly announces that the official launch will take place at the prestigious 2024 Security and Policing event in Farnborough, a closed government organisation gathering, showcasing the latest advancements in security solutions.

Designed to revolutionise mail screening and building entrance security, the newly integrated AI software adds an intelligent layer to the AXIS-CXi cabinet X-ray system, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in threat detection.

Key Features of the AXIS-CXi Cabinet X-ray System with AI Software:

Enhanced Threat Recognition: The AI software employs cutting-edge algorithms to identify and analyse potential threats with an unmatched level of precision and confidence.

Efficient Mail Screening: The system streamlines mail screening processes, ensuring a rapid yet thorough examination of incoming mail for any suspicious items.

Building Entrance Security: With real-time threat assessment, the AXIS-CXi system contributes to bolstering security at building entrances, safeguarding against unauthorised or potentially harmful items, including firearms, ammunition, sharp objects, and drones.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface ensures ease of operation, allowing security personnel to make informed decisions swiftly.

Mr. Vincent Deery CEO of 3DX-Ray Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking integration, stating, “Our commitment to advancing security technologies has led us to this superb development. The introduction of AI software into our AXIS-CXi cabinet X-ray system reaffirms our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency. 3DX-Ray’s Axis-CXi system is the first cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system to offer this functionality”.

3DX-Ray Ltd invites attendees of the 2024 Security and Policing event to witness live demonstrations of the AXIS-CXi cabinet X-ray system with AI software at the show.