X-ray security scanning detectors

Security scanning owes its origin to photographic film.  Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays using this medium. And film has been the most widely used historic detector. Film absorbs only around 1% of x-rays . The renaining 99% escapes.  Low sensitivity due to poor absorption is film’s main disadvantage.  A significant advantage is that the detection area […]

X-ray security scanning – FAQs

Q: Is x-ray security scanning safe? A: Yes. All of our systems are completely safe. They are designed to meet or surpass safety regulations around the world.  Where appropriate, heavy shielding is in place.  You could eat your lunch safely even if it had passed through our machines, or been left on them. You can […]


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A guide to X ray scanning

X-rays were discovered in 1895. The first medically useful X ray scanning followed within a year. Industrial use blossomed after WWII with the introduction of isotopes such as cobalt-60 and caesium-137. These gradually replaced the use of dangerous radium and radon. Early industrial applications included checking Welding Machined parts Pipe wall and pressurized piping Storage […]