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MDXI Laboratory based cabinet x-ray system

MDXi X-ray laboratory system

MDXi X-ray laboratory system

MDXi is a high resolution turnkey x-ray inspection system suitable for stand-alone use in a laboratory or for integration into a production line.

It offers a very effective method of uncovering subsurface defects and can show hidden voids and flaws in a variety of solid materials. Being completely non-destructive it will not harm the test piece.

The system provides a suite of analysis tools including measurement & annotation options allowing it to check alignment, defects, coatings or the presence or absence of internal components.

As well as being a laboratory system MDXi is available as a stand-alone unit suitable for batch or pilot plant processing.  It can also be integrated into a production line for 100% inspection at full production speeds.

MDXi offers the capability to detect, measure and analyse features hidden from view to confirm the quality, integrity and safety of your product.