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PF Film – Process-free x-ray film for security and NDT applications


PF - Process-free x-ray film

Process-free x-ray film

PF x-ray film is a simple and convenient way to take x-ray images without a dedicated x-ray detector. It is ideal for both inspecting suspicious packages and for industrial (NDT) use.

It creates high quality real-time x-ray images and is flexible enough to be taped anywhere on the item to be x-rayed.  It is ready within a few seconds, it does not use development chemicals and is not as sensitive to light – so cassettes and darkrooms are completely unnecessary.

The film is supplied in boxes of 10 sheets (10” x 12” or 8” x 10”) and can be custom sized by the user to minimise wastage.

The film requires an x-ray source but is ideal for use in both security and industrial applications by first responders, EOD teams, counter surveillance, customs, security operatives and industrial radiographers.