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Letter bomb detector and mail threat detector

AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based x-ray system for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband.

The AXIS™-CXi system is an advanced letter bomb detector and mail threat detector.  It scans and screens letters, mail, packages and small baggage to identify bombs, weapons, hoaxes, contraband or powders such as Anthrax and Ricin.  Its compact size and mobility are ideal for use in mailrooms, lobbies and goods inward areas

It is one of the only cabinet systems in its class that incorporates full aviation-standard materials discrimination.

Mail threats are a common occurrence and effect companies and organisations worldwide. The solution is to be prepared for these threats with an effective mail and small baggage screening program.

Types of Mail Threats

There are three main types of mail threat, explosive, chemical /biological and hoax.  These can be identified by a letter bomb detector and mail threat detector.

Letter bomb detector

Letter bomb detector with materials differentiation

Explosive mail threats such as IEDs (improvised explosive device) are set off by opening a letter bomb (victim-activated). The screening of mail coming into any facility is key to spotting this type of threat.

Chemical or biological threats are sometimes known as “White powder letters.” They are designed to cause death or serious bodily injury by releasing toxic or poisonous chemicals.  These threats include ricin, nerve agents, sarin gas or materials involving a disease organism, such as smallpox, botulinum toxin or anthrax. Detection involves advanced organic/ inorganic materials differentiation.

Hoax mail threats have become increasingly common and are meant to threaten, scare, intimidate and disrupt.  They cause considerable inconvenience as they are initially indistinguishable from real threats and demand the same response until are known to be a hoax. The disruption caused by a hoax is similar to a real threat.

As well as detecting these types of threat the cabinet, AXIS™-CXi system can spot threatening or dangerous items such as razor blades, knives, guns and other weapons. The system is designed for use in mailrooms, lobbies and goods inward areas. This mobile floor standing postal x-ray scanner saves space and can easily be moved to meet new needs.  It has a large capacity postal x-ray cabinet and provides high resolution imaging, image enhancements, image storage and management functions

What can an X-Ray scanner letter bomb detector and mail threat detector identify?

  • Explosives
  • Power sources/triggers for IEDs
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Powders and liquids
  • Weapons
  • Contraband, including drugs
  • Sharp/hazardous items
  • Malicious mail

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