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Unattended baggage and transport hub security x-ray

Security is always threatened at any transport hub when people leave their baggage unattended.  And the threat is identical if it is accidental or deliberate.  As luggage left alone may contain a threat it usually triggers a security alert.  The response increasingly involves a transport hub security x-ray system to image the inside of any suspect bag.

Transport hub security x-ray

Combination portable x-ray inspection system

Transport hubs, such as airports, rail, underground or bus stations and ports often have baggage left unattended – usually by accident.  However the security alerts that result cause considerable aggravation for security staff, the public and the bag’s owner.

People frequently leave bags unattended in hub seating areas and departures halls, often when they stand up to go to a restaurant, restrooms or shop.

A standard security device is a transport hub x-ray security system.  It needs to be quick to set up and use, highly portable and give staff the ability to see inside the package without disturbing it. A detector panel is placed behind the target with an x-ray generator in front. An x-ray scan is then activated remotely from the imaging station. 

Quick and easy to deploy, an x-ray security system, such as ThreatScan®-LSC, creates high quality real-time x-ray images.   Internal visual inspection together with sophisticated imaging and analysis tools lead to rapid and accurate decision making.

Hopefully the baggage is innocent, but either way the situation is dealt with. Even with rapid deployment and analysis there is still real disruption.  However, it is a fraught and anxious time but it can be even worse if you need to make an insurance claim.  You may well find you are not covered if your luggage was unattended.

ThreatScan®-LSC – transport hub security x-ray

X-ray-threat-detectionThe ThreatScan®-LSC x-ray security x-ray security can be used at any public event, venue or customs post as well as at transport hubs.  They are also be used for detecting contraband.

The system can see through up to 34mm steel (at 120kV) and produce sub-millimetre resolution images. To help with analysis, the range of advanced image processing functions, including materials discrimination, pan, zoom, DeepFocus™, 3D Emboss, measurement and annotation. The software also allows the x-ray image to be viewed by a remote command centre and save images in JPEG and other common file formats. Ideal for use by First Responders, EOD teams, Counter Surveillance, and Customs and Security Operatives

ThreatScan®-LSC is a lightweight, portable, battery powered dual x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams to meet the needs of the field operative.

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