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Portable EOD X-ray generators and security systems are widespread.  The ability to see what is inside a suspect package is invaluable.  Bomb squads, military, police, security and special forces rely on them to make quick decisions on any possible threat.  They are key to neutralising dangerous objects and exposing hoax threats. 

Our I-Gen IED / EOD X-ray generators are part of our Threatscan® LS1, LS2 and LSC portable X-ray security systems.  They offer detailed threat detection for packages that may containing bombs; powders; bio-hazards; chemicals; needles; razor blades or incendiary devices.

Our versatile I-GEN is robust and user-friendly. It is ready for use within a seconds of arrival at a scene. Being small and battery-powered makes it perfect for rapid on-site deployment. It is also easy to deploy, even when space is tight.

The I-Gen enables our Threatscan® system detectors to produce high quality real-time x-ray images.  This supports rapid, accurate decision making.  Scanning is activated from a remote laptop imaging station and can penetrate up to 34mm of solid steel.

The system offers speed, accuracy and materials differentiation.  This gives security professionals the information they need allowing them to make quick, accurate decisions. It also helps clear hoax threats and reduce the number of uncertain or false positive identifications.  The time needed to return an area to normal use after an incident is greatly reduced.

3DX-ray’s introduction of advanced security x-ray generators, screens and software helps minimise the chaos caused by security threats and hoaxes. It increases the safety of the both the security specialists and the public at large.


A battery-operated portable, compact and robust x-ray generator designed for rapid on-site deploymentI-Gen Technical Specifications


Type                                                    Constant potential, oil insulated
Maximum kV                                       120kV (adjustable 40-120kV)
Maximum mA                                     1mA – 2mA (2mA @ 60kV)
Dimensions (L x W x H)                      245mm x 180mm x 80mm
Weight (without battery)                    5.5kg
Pre-warning time                                Adjustable
Focal spot size                                    0.5mm x 0.5mm (mini-focal)
Window                                              Glass
Beam angle                                         50’ x 50’
Tube life                                              >10 years of daily use
Maximum capacity (1 battery)            20 minutes continuous
Two (2) batteries (inc 1 spare)            24V, lithium ion, 2500 mAH
Charger time                                       Two (2) hours
Duty cycle                                           100% (operated via mains power)
Bump test                                           Designed to IEC 60068-2-29:Test Eb
Operating temperature                       -30oC to +55oC
Storage temperature                          -40oC to +80oC
Humidity                                            0% to 95% non-condensing
Ingress protection (water, dust)         Designed to IP55
Penetration                                         30mm guaranteed, 34mm typical
Wireless (as standard)                        802.11a/g/n, up to 25m range (extendable with  repeaters)
RS232 (option)                                    25m, 50m

                                                            Physical safety interlock key switch
                                                            Audible & visible warning signs CE compliant


Being oil-filled our I-Gen EOD X-ray generators do not use any ozone-depleting Class 9 gases. This simplifies all types of international transportation as no dangerous goods documentation is required.  It is suitable for both security and NDT applications

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