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Bag scanning for public buildings

Secutity: Bag scanning for public buildings

Public venues are likely terrorist targets.  Visitor numbers are high and security is difficult, especially at peak times.  X-ray bag scanning for public buildings is an effective way to improve safety and security. 

Threat items transported in bags, attaché cases or carry-items pose an ever-present danger. Hoaxes cause identical problems until they are identified. X-ray screening at public buildings is becoming critically important to guarantee public safety. It boosts security and helps avoid chaos and disruption.

But systems for bag scanning for public buildings are not all alike!  Features such as materials differentiation and the ability to peel back layers to see what is beneath vary widely.

The threat of terrorism has increased since the Manchester Arena, and other, attacks. It has heightened the need for security in public venues. 

Quite often the simple presence of x-ray security is enough to deter an attack.

What items can be identified with our x-ray scanning systems?

  • Explosive devices such as pipe or nail bombs
  • Different material types
  • Guns, knives and other weapons
  • The power sources used for remote triggering
  • Poisons including ”White Powders”
  • Liquids
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials
  • Narcotics
  • Sharps and blades
  • Numerous other types of malicious items

Materials discrimination

Our aircraft-standard materials discrimination abilities allow staff to highlight different materials.  It differentiates between organic materials, metals and inorganic substances. This offers, for example, the ability to highlight real explosives and helps separate them from hoaxes.

Our systems classify materials based on their average effective atomic number (Zeff). This is very different to the standard organic, inorganic and metals imaging buttons on other cabinets and tunnel x-ray equipment.

Materials discrimination Orange means organic Most professional explosives are organic.  So are water, flammable liquids, food, wood and paper. Our equipment highlights them in orange.
Materials discrimination Green means inorganic Home-made explosives are usually inorganic.  The category includes aluminium, salts, chlorates, black powder, calcium nitrate, clays and putty.  They are shown as green.
Materials discrimination Blue means metal Pipe bombs, guns, ammunition, knives, nails, ball bearings, steel, iron and copper are metallic and coloured blue.

Our X-ray bag scanning for public buildings equipment produces clear images of items inside a package.  But people creating threat items try to hide them.  A common idea is to conceal threats behind or inside thick dense metal blocks.  To foil this our “Probe” function can peel away, virtually, the dense blocking layers.  This lets an operator identify what is behind them.

We produce two types of x ray equipment for buildings. Our AxisTM conveyor-based systems cater for high throughput establishments.  CXiTM cabinets cost-effective and smaller footprint.

CXiTM cabinets 

AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based x-ray system for Bag scanning for public buildings

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful tools and abilities
  • Large inspection chamber
  • High-clarity images
  • Highlights material’s types
  • Easy to relocate
  • Stylish
  • Can scan mail and packages

Chamber product information
Download CXi chamber datasheet
Watch a short movie on CXi Chamber x-ray scanner

AxisTM X-ray mail screening – conveyor

Bag scanning for public buildings and x-ray threat detection

  • For fast, bulk bag scanning
  • User-friendly software
  • Highlights different materials
  • Clear high-quality images
  • Range of tunnel sizes
  • Can bulk scan mail and packages
  • Effective threat detection

Conveyor product information  
Download AxisTM conveyor datasheet
Watch a short movie on Axis Conveyor Scanner    

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