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Metal detectors for stadia and events

Metal detectors for stadia and eventsIt is comparatively easy to build a simple detector that detects metals.  However, it needs far greater understanding to build  good metal detectors for stadia and events. It must offer a range of sensitivities and work both consistently and well.  It must be adjustable and able to minimises false and unwanted alarms across a range of environments.

3dx-ray-Archway-metal-detectorWalk-through metal detectors (WTMDs) are also known as Archway (AMD), or Portals (PMD).  They are used to screen people for knives, guns and other threat items that could be a threat in a stadium or event.   Archways are also widely used to help secure building entrances, prisons, airports, hotels and banks.

We supply two archway metal detectors for stadia and events – AXISTM-A24 and A33.  They are highly sensitive with 24 or 33 independent horizontal detection zones.  Each zone offers 300 sensitivity levels and a high-brightness LED alarm.

An AXISTM system provides exceptional recognition of personal items such as coins, keys and belt buckles, which it will allow to pass. It delivers high sensitivity of both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Its multi-layered high-brightness LEDs and advanced coil design pinpoints the horizontal position of metal objects.  This simplifies and speeds any manual inspections as an operator knows precisely where to look.

Events in stadia and other venues can attract large crowds. They are seen by terrorists and disgruntled individuals as “soft targets” for disruption.  Large numbers of people need fast access with minimum disruption. AXISTM systems allow up to 100 people a minute to pass through.


Pacemaker and medical device safety

People with pacemakers and other equipment need to know that archway metal detectors for stadia and events are safe. These systems are widely used and actually produce electrical fields that are much weaker than a common hair-dryer.   Metal detector fields are nowhere near strong enough to cause problems for pacemakers or other medical devices.

Our AXISTM archway metal detectors are sensitivity to both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. The multi-layered coil design is linked to high-brightness LEDs which pinpoint the metal objects and speed any intervention.

Our range of high sensitivity archway metal detectors are easy to install.  They include thirty preset detection programs and are simple to operate.  They are ideal for use as metal detectors for stadia and events as well as in building entrances, prisons, airports, hotel lobbies, banks and night clubs.

AXISTM system walk-through metal detectors can be assembled and disassembled for transportation and storage, making them ideal for outdoor events or other situations where a temporary security screening capability is needed or where existing facilities need to be augmented.


3DX-Ray also provides a range of optional service, support and training plans for archway metal detectors.

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Download our Archway AXISTM-A24 metal detector datasheet

Download our Archway AXISTM-A33 metal detector datasheet

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