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X-ray scans FAQ

This article covers x-ray scans FAQ (s).  It includes mail, baggage or industrial scanners.

Q: Will using an x-ray scanner leave residual radiation?
A: No. I it will not leave any trace or residue of radiation.

X-Ray scans FAQQ:  Should workers wear a “radiation badge”?
A: For people using our x-ray inspection equipment this is not normally required.  The systems do not allow x-rays to escape.
When open x-ray generators are used, such as the ThreatScan® LS1 there is no need.  There is a 50 metre exclusion. All radiation regulations in the operating country must be followed.

Q: Is it safe to consume food that has been exposed to X-ray radiation?
A: Yes.   There are no known adverse effects from eating food that has been x-rayed in this way. The radiation dose typically is around 0.1 mSv for a chest x-ray. The average dose rate from background radiation is 3.6 MSv pa

Q: Are electronics harmed by exposure to x-rays from security or industrial products?
A: No, the x-ray dose is far too low do this.

Q: Will photographic film be fogged?
A: This is unlikely, but possible. Our security equipment is safe for all but the fastest film speeds (speeds below 1000).  However, multiple exposures of film to any x-ray source can eventually cause fogging or image graininess.  Even from “film safe” equipment.

Q:  Is it safe for pregnant women to be near a cabinet x-ray system?
A:  Yes. The limit on radiation emission established by the performance standard is sufficiently restrictive that there is no additional hazard for specific populations such as children or pregnant women.

Q: What do exposure and dose mean?
A: Exposure covers the amount of ionizing radiation that strikes the material. 
Dose is the amount of radiation absorbed.  It is adjusted for its relative biological effect.

Q:  What units are used to measure x-rays?
A: Sieverts (Sv) are the SI unit of absorbed dose equivalent.  1 Joule/ per Kilogram or 100 rems. 
REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man) is the unit of equivalent dose.  It relates to the biological effect it causes. 1 Sv = 100 rem

R (Roentgen) is the old unit of exposure of ionizing radiation.  It indicates the strength of the ionizing radiation. One Roentgen produces 1 electrostatic unit of electrical charge in 1 cubic centimeter of dry air. This is under standard conditions.

Rad (Roentgen absorbed dose).  This is the old unit for absorbed radiation dose. 1 Rad means each gram of the object received 100 ergs of energy.  1 rad = 100 ergs/gram.

This article covers how X-Ray scans FAQ (s) relate to 3dx-ray products.

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