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X-ray scanning in hotels

AXIS-CX mail x-ray scanning

When you book into an hotel you expect a good night’s sleep.  But you also expect it to ensure your safety as well. Using x-ray mail scanning in hotels makes them safer and more secure.  With 3DX-Ray systems you can scan mail and baggage with the same equipment.

Terrorist attacks are a serious threat worldwide.  The bombing of hotels is a global problem.  Also on the rise are hoax threats.  This is critical as hoaxes need to be treated as real threats until the hoax is confirmed.  Until then, hoaxes and bombs cause the same disruption and worry for hotels and their guests.

Hotels and restaurants are often “soft” targets.  Terrorists commonly target crowded establishments, especially those which seem to provide low security.  Hotels have a potential for mass fatalities and casualties.

Bombs, bio weapons, poisonous powders and other threats are easy to deliver by courier, in luggage or just sent through the post. Using 3DX Rays’ x-ray systems helps to identify threats, and expose hoaxes.

X-ray mail scanning in hotels can help to solve this growing problem.

X ray systems can see through and into luggage or mail to help identify:-

  • Explosive or incendiary devices
  • Bio weapons
  • Sharps or blades
  • Poisonous and dangerous chemicals or “White powders”
  • Offensive materials
  • Radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials
AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based x-ray system for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband.The Axis™ CXITM cabinet x-ray system

The elegant AXIS™-CXi x-ray system is designed to screen mail, parcels and small baggage for threat items. Being mobile it is easy to move around an hotel, from foyer to function room to the security department as needed.

It offers aviation standard materials discrimination. This highlights and differentiates between materials such as plastic explosives, powders, liquids, organic materials and other threats.

The CXi™ can blend elegantly into a prestigious foyer and is small enough to be discrete or can be used where space is at a premium.  It has a large inspection chamber and imaging area and is backed with advanced, powerful, simple to use software with multiple abilities.  It produces clear, high-quality images on uncluttered screens.


The Axis™ conveyor system for x ray screeningAXIS™ Conveyor x-ray scanning

AXIS™ system is designed for scanning volumes of mail and bulky items such as couriered packages and hand baggage. It provides the same superb image quality as CXI™ as well as materials discrimination, powerful image enhancement and advanced processing functions.  It is ideal for rapid accurate interpretation of images.

Each AXIS™ system has been designed for ease of use and is compact enough to fit in areas where space is limited.

AXIS™ Features include:

  • User-friendly software 
  • Speedy throughput 
  • A range of tunnel sizes
  • Individual, batch or 100% screening of mail
  • Materials discrimination 
  • High quality images
  • User friendly software
  • TIP (Threat Image Projection) software to minimises training time and optimise performance

All of this is backed by both practical and theoretical training to identify and reduce threats by X-ray scanning in hotels.

AXIS™ CXi Chamber x-ray scanning product information     
Download CXi chamber datasheet
Watch a short movie on the CXi Chamber x-ray scanner  

AXIS™ Conveyor product information 
Download Axis™ conveyor datasheet
Watch a short movie on the Axis Conveyor Scanner            

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