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MDXI-NT – an industrial cabinet X-ray system for in-line or off-line inspection, analysis and quality control

Industrial X-Ray for  in-line or off-line inspection, analysis and quality control

MDXi is an high quality industrial X-ray inspection system for process control and quality assurance. It can be fully integrated into a production line.

The system offers automated analysis with real-time pass / fail decisions, high quality data for export to QC /SCADA /SPC systems and full Integration into existing factory systems.

MDXi-NT is widely used across the international catalytic converter sector where it provides critical information for the development, manufacturing and aftermarket processing of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF’s).

The MDXi system’s CatSpect software gives users the tools that allow them to detect, measure and analyse features that are hidden from view, including

  • Defects
  • Product coatings integrity, uniformity and depth
  • Aftermarket inspection of automotive catalytic products to determine cleanliness or level of soot or ash deposits

MDXi Features

  • MDXi is used for products measuring up to 400 mm x 400 mm (diameter x height)
  • The system can be integrated to provide 100% inspection at full production line speeds
  • MDXi is pre-configured to provide optimum resolution for a specific application and can offer multiple views of the product
  • It offers manual, robot and pick-&-place component feed options
  • MDXi is fully compatible with robotic use, is PLC controlled and industrially robust

The MDXi is also available as a stand-alone unit suitable for batch or pilot plant processing and laboratory testing.

MDX- High quality x-ray data output for process control