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X-rays for Counter Terrorism

The world is changing as terrorist outrages and international conflicts become part of everyday life.  We need the right tools to reduce this threat to public safety. And prevent outrages before they happen. X-rays for counter terrorism are amongst the most powerful tools we can deploy.  Terroristic attacks and improvised explosive devices (IED’s) are a tough challenge. So first responder teams such as police, security and counter terrorist squads need the best tools we can provide.  Only then can they save our, and their, lives and reduce danger and disruption. 

Suspicious objects are commonly found in public and sensitive areas. X-ray technology gives professionals the ability to examine them quickly and remotely.

X-rays for counter terrorism fall into two main categories. First are “Harder” x-rays such as portable security systems, vehicle scanning and mail or baggage systems. And secondly “Soft” systems such as backscatter x-ray machines.

Harder x-ray systems

X-rays for counter terrorism activities allow you to see through dense materials – such as steel, containers, bags or walls.  They let professionals identify potential threats on the other side and identify different material types.  Threats including explosives, guns, weapons and contraband become easier to find.

Typically, identification and materials differentiation is achieved using dual-energy x-ray systems.

X-Rays equipment for Counter Surveillance

Portable x-ray security

Portable x-ray security systems typically consist of an x-ray source and detector.  These are placed on either side of a suspect package or wall and linked (wi-fi or bluetooth) to a laptop with specialist analysis software.  A typical system, such as our battery powered ThreatScan®-LS1, can see through up to 34mm steel at 120kV to produce high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based x-ray system for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband.Mail or cabinet x-ray security

Cabinet x-ray systems are for screening mail, parcels and small baggage. They look for potentially harmful items such as powders, weapons or contraband.  Our AXIS™-CXi is mobile and can be easily relocated within a building.  It is a cabinet-based screening system with an aviation standard materials discrimination capability.

x-ray threat detectionBaggage or conveyor x-ray security

Baggage or conveyor systems are designed for scanning larger volumes of mail and bulky items.  This includes hand baggage.

Our AXIS™ system is simple to use and can fit in areas where space is limited. Its superb image quality, materials discrimination, powerful imThe 3DX-RAY SVXi  whole vehicle x-ray scanner /age enhancement and processing functions provide rapid and accurate analysis.

Vehicle x-ray security

Vehicle x-ray security systems produce x-rays of entire vehicles in a single pass. And do it with sub-millimetre resolution.  They are typically mounted on a multi-terrain or motorised trailers and are quick to deploy.  They help combat smuggling and terrorism and are used for spot checks across entire regions.

Physical searches of vehicles take up to 8 hours. And it is as long again to rebuild the vehicle. The 3DX-RAY SVXi vehicle scanner system enables security personnel to thoroughly inspect vehicles – even sealed units – in minutes. The operation is controlled from a remote laptop.

“Soft” x-ray systems

Backscatter x-ray systems

Backscatter X-ray machines use so-called soft X-rays. These do not pass through a body before detection but are scattered backwards. The system’s geometry has its imaging sensor on the same side of a person as the X-ray tube

Backscatter X-rays are considerably weaker than the ones doctors use. The x-rays don’t pass through flesh and bones but penetrate clothing and about an inch into a body, scattering (bouncing) back to the sensor.