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X-ray scanning for couriers

X-ray scanning for couriers

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Using delivery services to deliver letter bombs and threat items is seen as a soft solution.  Terrorists, extremists, people with a grudge and even hoaxers have all used couriers.  X-ray scanning for couriers is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety and security of staff and customers.

X-ray scanning increases safety and reduces the disruption cause by hoax threats.  Every suspicious bag, package  or baggage item must always be viewed as a real threat. Even when it causes disruption until the hoax is uncovered.   Cabinet and conveyor scanners allow couriers to look inside mail, parcels and bags.  Sophisticated tools, analysis and materials differentiation techniques help to distinguish between hoaxes and real threats. This dramatically reduces the problem of suspicious parcels.

The most common x-ray scanning systems used by couriers are conveyor types.  Such as our AXIS™ Conveyor.  However, there is also a requirement for AXIS™-CXi cabinet scanners for secondary screening or sites with space issues.


CXi X-ray mail and baggage scanning for couriers

CXi X-ray mail and baggage scanning for couriers

What can x-ray mail scanners identify?

  • Explosives
  • Power sources/triggers for IEDs
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Powders and liquids – the so called “White Powder” threats
  • Nuclear (CBRN) materials or devices
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Sharp/hazardous items
  • Malicious mail

Envelopes, packages or baggage with either real threats or hoaxes pose a risk to facilities and employees. However, it can be reduced by matching a courier’s risk profile with appropriate screening methods. A 3DX-Ray risk assessment will highlight these threats.  And it will show the steps needed to protect your business and employees.

Not only are a courier’s customer’s subject to terrorist attacks.  But radicals also target delivery services directly to create chaos, disruption and delay.

AxisTM X-ray mail screening for couriers – conveyor

AXIX Conveyor x-ray scanningThe AXIS™ system is designed for scanning bulk volumes of mail and packages. It provides powerful image enhancement and advanced processing functions.  It is ideal for and rapid, accurate identification of both threats and hoaxes.

AXIS™ system are clear and easy to use.  They are compact enough to fit into areas where space is limited.


  • Designed for easy use by non-technical staff
  • For fast bulk scanning of mail, packets and parcels
  • Clear, uncluttered images
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Intuitive, easy to use software
  • Tunnel sizes to meet company needs
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Highlights material types in different colours (aviation standard)
  • Highly effective detection of threat and hazards
  • Mobile and easy to relocate
  • Full training and support

We offer fully training and support.  We also run courses on detecting threats in packages, parcels and mail. They include both theory and practical sessions.  We show how to get protect your company with our systems and safety protocols. 

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The CXI cabinet x ray system

The AXIS™-CXi X ray system allows couriers to screen mail and parcels for threat items. It is ideal for both sites with limited space or as secondary screening.  The system has a small footprint, is mobile and can be moved to wherever it is most needed.

AXIS CXi for mail and baggage screening3DX-ray systems offer aviation standard materials discrimination. This highlights and differentiates between materials such as plastic explosives, powders, liquids, organic materials and other threats.

The CXi™ has a large inspection chamber and imaging area and uses advanced, powerful, intuitive software with multiple abilities.  It produces clear, high-quality images and uncluttered screens.


  • Designed for easy use by non-technical staff
  • Screens mail, packets, boxes and packages
  • Has a large inspection chamber
  • Provides clear, high-quality images
  • Colours different materials
  • Easy to use but has powerful tools and abilities
  • Full training available
  • Easy to move or reposition

Download CXi chamber datasheet

Chamber product information

CXi Chamber x-ray scanner movie


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