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Transport Security Expo

Nick Fox to speak at the TRANSPORT SECURITY EXPO, 13th & 14th September 2010, Olympia, London.

Transport Security Expo is the only event globally to bring together the full spectrum of key stakeholders and industry leaders from the areas of Aviation, Maritime and the Supply Chain under one roof, creating three events in one!
Through the exhibition, conference, workshops and networking Transport Security Expo is able to bring together all aspects of these industries to review the latest information on current and future threats, debate best practice, gauge industry opinion and review the latest technologies.



15th September 13.45 -15.55 p.m.

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As the security regime protecting the mode of travel hardens, the infrastructure supporting it is becoming an equally potent target for those with intent to harm. Terminal security must therefore evolve into an all-encompassing model able to protect travellers not only from common criminal activity but also acts of terrorism. Explore the latest thinking and discover solutions to terminal security problems in this specialist workshop.
Topics include:

  • Covert Surveillance within the Transport Networks
  • Visibly Efficient…the future of integrated CCTV-The need for change
  • Intelligent Screening at Mass Transit Locations
  • Efficient solutions for video surveillance in Transportation using HiRes Digital IP Systems
  • The Use of DetAct Training to Identify & Isolate Potentially High Risk Individuals in Crowded airports and Ports
  • Security Upgrades for Ports – an EU FP7 project
  • Counter Terrorism Awareness Training

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