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ThreatSpect – advanced software for x-ray inspection

ThThreatspec reatSpect is the user-friendly software for 3DX-RAY portable x-ray systems.  It is designed to offer maximum functionality within a clean, context-driven and de-cluttered operating environment. It is ideal for first responders, EOD teams, counter surveillance, and customs and security operatives.

The system is simple and intuitive to use and allows the operator to produce X-ray images remotely and rapidly.

ThreatSpect menus provide maximum screen space to the image. They are streamlined to initiate functions with a single click.  Users can access most features through simply understood symbols rather than words, allowing them to interpret X-ray images simply and quickly, even in stressful high security situations.

As a result usability is improved and operator training time is reduced.

A range of sophisticated image processing functions and provided including pan, zoom, invert, materials discrimination, 3D Emboss, Deep FocusTM, histogram, mono, mono invert, false colour measurement & annotation options.  These offer substantial help to allow the operator to interpret the x-ray image.

PC and tablet versions are available with a touchscreen interface.