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ThreatScan portable X-ray systems for EOD

ThreatScan portable X-ray systems for EOD

ThreatScan is a rapid deployment, portable, X-ray inspection system for detecting explosive ordnance and other threat objects that have been concealed in suspect items.  It offers first responder EOD operatives real-time X-ray images with powerful image enhancement and advanced analysis tools – including materials organic / inorganic discrimination.

ThreatScan’s slim X-ray panel system is lightweight and resilient.  It is quick and simple for EOD personnel to deploy and its high quality real-time X-ray images provide the data needed for fast and accurate decision making in the field.

As well as being used by first responders the battery powered system is ideal for customs control use and vehicle scanning.  Versions offer a range of imaging area sizes ranging from large (600mm x 460mm) down to units of just 462mm x 273mm for awkward or confined scanning scenarios. The powerful X-ray source can penetrate up to 34mm steel

Intuitive user-friendly software :

  • Ideal for EOD, Customs control and vehicle inspection
  • Real-time X-ray images
  • High penetration with sub-millimetre resolution
  • Mono, invert and false colour modes
  • Materials discrimination
  • 3D emboss, deep focus & histogram functions
  • Stitching
  • Autocalibration
  • Image saving (JPEG and other common file formats)
  • Measurement and annotation options
  • Wireless, wired and fibre optic communication options
X-Ray scanning for EOD, Customs control and vehicle inspection