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Powerful Unipolar and Bipolar X-ray tubes

Powerful Unipolar and Bipolar X-ray tubes

The 3DX-RAY range of Comet metal ceramic X-ray tubes are ideal for use in challenging industrial areas including non-destructive testing, food inspection, security inspection and thickness gauging.  They offer high power together with a small sized, low weight and robust design.

The X-ray ceramic and metal ceramic tubes are designed for applications ranging from small portable units through to 800kV fixed systems where they offer high reliability and stability.

Our unipolar and bipolar ceramic / metal ceramic tubes are used in industrial and security applications such as aerospace testing and pipe or welding inspection.  The unipolar X-ray tube has a cooled anode at ground potential and a high voltage receptacle socket and the bipolar provides two integrated high voltage receptacle sockets.

At 3DX-RAY we design and manufacture a range of innovative portable rapid deployment and static X-ray inspection products for industrial and security markets. Our technical staff are highly experienced and are happy to discuss the most appropriate X-ray generators and  X-ray systems for our client’s needs.

The 3DX-RAY range of Comet metal ceramic X-ray tubes offer many advantages:

  • Low weight
  • Small dimensions
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • No oil insulation necessary
  • No choke effect due to space charges
  • Integrated heat sink (on request)

Because mono-polar X-ray tubes only have one high voltage insulator, the tube can be smaller and lighter than bipolar X-ray tubes, which have two high voltage insulators.