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Portable X-ray security in a dangerous world

x-ray securityPortable X-ray security helps ensure public safety. The world we live in is becoming increasingly dangerous.  It is imperative to give bomb detection teams efficient, portable tools.  Only then can they overcome terrorist and other threats. Only then can they protect the public.

At 3DX-ray we offer two types of portable tools.  They include a range of products and two software platforms.   All aimed at ensuring the public is safe.  Our systems were designed in conjunction with security teams in the field.  Each products meets specific needs.  And each works in real time. All are based on real-world experience and expertise.  And all are rugged, reliable, highly effective, fast and easy to deploy.

3DX-RAY ThreatScan®-AS1 is a robust amorphous silicon portable x-ray inspection systemThreatscan® AS1

ThreatScan®-AS1 is a portable x-ray security and inspection system. It uses an advanced amorphous silicon detector. It is designed for use by specialist bomb and threat detection teams. 

High flexibility allows it to meet a wide variety of threat scenarios.  These include mass-transit rail and bus stations, shopping malls, airports, stadia and sports arenas.  It is for use by first responders including police, military and private and government security agencies. The 13.5M pixels display is 347 x 430mm (14” x 17”).


Transport hub security x-ray

Combination portable x-ray inspection system

Threatscan® LSC

This portable x-ray inspection system includes two panels. A large format (600 x 460mm) LS1 panel and a compact LS3 of (305 x 256mm) panel. It suites both typical sized packages and those areas where space is limited.  Under vans, for example.

It can penetrate up to 40mm of steel at 120kV and 60mm at 150kV. It provides high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

Threatscan® LSC is designed for First Responders, EOD teams, Counter Surveillance, Customs and Security Operatives including the military, government, police and privet security teams.


Threatscan® LS1 and Threatscan® LS3

The Threatscan® LS1 and LS3 are parts of the overall LSC.  LSC1 includes the large (600 x 460mm) inspection panel and the LSC3 the compact (305 x 256mm) version.  Both are full systems in their own right.  Both include the x-ray source, PC and pereipherals.

Chemical Detection

The 3DX-Arx is a handheld Raman spectrometer.  It is small enough to fit into a pocked.  Yet it makes it easy for security staff to identify unknown substances.  This gives them the tools to make practical decisions and ensure safety.  It also helps uncover hoaxes.

The device can even differentiate between a container and its contents.  This significantly improves results. And autofocus allows it to detect and minimize fluorescence from containers.

3DX-Arx is lighter and smaller and more powerful than other models on the market. It lets users get focused on what is important and take decisions based on reliable measurement results – wherever they are.

3DX-100 Indicator

The 3DX-100 Indicator is an all-in-one solution for chemical threat identification.  It uses Raman technology to identify solid and liquid chemical substances within seconds. It is simple to use and fits easily into a hand. The sample does not need to be removed from the container.  And it won’t be harmed by the analysis.

It provides instant clear feedback and weighs under than 650 grams.

3DX-ChemDash Software

ChemDash is a central management software for chemical detection.  It sets user rights and synchronises instruments. It allows you to sync and backup all measurements.  It also maintains and upgrades instruments with the latest libraries and firmware.

Our portable x-ray security and chemical detection include the tools needed by security professionals in the modern world.

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