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Stadia Security

Stadia Security

Designed to meet the modern security and terrorist threats, our Threatscan portable, lightweight x-ray scanning range helps the civil or specialist forces to examine the inside of suspect or unattended packages, checking for bombs, knives, guns or other threats.  The system can also be quickly set-up to target-screen baggage as it is carried into an event. 

Threatscan’s x-ray image gives unprecedented clarity, making it far more effective than conventional stadia and event threat detection equipment.  As a direct result, many packages that were previously considered as potential bombs can now be safely cleared – resulting in fewer false identifications and disruptions.  It also offers materials’ differentiation, highlighting different materials such as plastic explosives and the metal in guns and knives.

Our security x-ray technology is already in use at mass transit venues and by government security services across the world.