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I-GEN a portable, battery-powered x-ray generator

A battery-operated portable, compact and robust x-ray generator designed for rapid on-site deploymentThe I-GEN is rapid-deployment portable x-ray generator for security and NDT.  The system does not require any dangerous (Class-9 gas) goods documentation.  Yet it can penetrate up to 34mm of solid steel.

It is an advanced, x-ray, bomb and threat detection system and is also designed for industrial use.  It is a constant potential x-ray generator and produces a very stable x-ray output.  And it offers enhanced imaging capabilities in comparison to pulsed based systems. This is due to its substantially improved focal spot size and beam angle.

Traditional pulsed systems need to rely on grey scale imaging and filters for materials discrimination. Pulsed technology cannot provide the same accurate materials imaging we see, for example, in airport x-ray systems.

The system creates extremely high-quality x-ray images. This is partly due to its stable and constant output which ensures all areas of the detector offer the same precision.

Threatscan® x-ray image inspection

I-GEN is both versatile and user-friendly. It is compatible with all 3DX-Ray x-ray detector panels. Being battery-operated, portable, small and robust makes it ideal for rapid on-site deployment.

Being compact the generator is easy to deploy even when space is tight. The overall system produces high quality real-time x-ray images that support rapid, accurate decision making.  The detector panel is placed behind the target with the generator in front.  The scan is activated from a laptop imaging station.

The I-GEN is ready for use within a seconds of arrival. Being oil-filled it does not contain any ozone-depleting Class 9 gas. This makes it ideal for all types of transportation internationally.  Because of this it has no need for dangerous goods documentation or the associated expense.

This portable x-ray generator for security and NDT is designed to be easy to use and offers clear, uncluttered screens, It is deal for first responders, EOD teams, counter surveillance, customs and security operatives. It is also suitable for NDT operations.

I-GEN works with ThreatSpect® software and state-of-the-art Digital Radiography Line-Scan detector panels.  Between them they provide clear high-resolution images, and accurate materials discrimination analysis.

The I-GEN package includes

  • A portable x-ray generator
  • Batteries and charger
  • Wireless communication
  • Carry case
  • Software to control generator operation and output

The system’s materials differentiation approach has a peeling capability.  It allows the user to virtually peel away layers and see what is underneath.  This means you can image organic material behind a blocking layer.  This substantially enhances the information you can gain from the material’s image.  It overcomes the problem of blocking.