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Threatscan public event security.jpgPublic and sporting events, conferences and exhibitions are open to disruption from both real threats and hoaxes. Mobile and portable x-ray event security keep the public safe and can do so without creating long queues.

Our public event security products help officials achieve these goals. They help combat modern security and terrorist threats and keep the public safe. Real and hoax threats must be considered real until they can be evaluated. Our unique X-ray systems can quickly and accurately differentiate between hoax items and real-threats. This minimises disruption.

X-rays for counter-surveillanceOur x-ray venue security systems help civil and specialist security forces examine the inside of bags, suspect items and vehicles. They can check for bombs, drugs, contraband, knives, guns and other threats.  They can chemically distinguish between diverse types of threat.

Our systems are used worldwide to safeguard from threats ranging from gun / knife violence and terrorism to drugs and alcohol.

All public events can be a target for crime, violence, terrorism, social or political unrest or disruptive hoax threats. A crowd can include VIPs, celebrities or high-profile personnel who may be specially targeted. In order to secure these events both checkpoint and portable security systems may be needed.  

Public events, sporting venues and conference applications

X-ray-threat-detectionAt 3DX-ray we provide a range of portable x-ray event security solutions to meet different event and venue need.  These x-ray security systems include:

  • ThreatScan®-LS1: a large format, lightweight, portable, high resolution x-ray system for suspect bag and package inspection
  • AXIS™ conveyor and cabinet systems are for X-ray inspection of bags and small packages
  • ThreatScan®-LSC is a lightweight, portable, high resolution x-ray system with both a large and a compact format panel to suit multiple applications
Threatscan and public event securityThese systems are used across many applications including:
  • Event security
  • Trade fares
  • Public security
  • Conference safety
  • Venue security
  • Showground and arena security
  • Concert hall and stadia security
  • Sporting venue security
  • National holiday events and
  • Political rallies

ThreatScan® gives unprecedented clarity of x-ray images.  This makes it far more effective than conventional stadia and event threat detection equipment.  As a direct result, many packages that were previously considered as potential bombs can now be safely cleared – resulting in fewer false identifications and disruptions.  It also offers materials’ differentiation, highlighting different materials such as plastic explosives and the metal in guns and knives.

AXIS™- includes both conveyor- and cabinet-based x-ray systems for screening bags, holdalls, and other packages.  It helps staff identify potentially harmful threats or contraband. Both options provide an aviation standard Materials Discrimination capability.

Our portable x-ray event security systems protect events from large political, cultural and sporting events through to small scale hi-profile, high target value gatherings.