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Portable amorphous silicon x-ray security system

3DX-RAY ThreatScan®-AS1 is a robust amorphous silicon portable x-ray inspection system3DX-RAY has launched ThreatScan®-AS1 a portable amorphous silicon x-ray security and industrial system.  This lightweight system delivers very high-resolution images with excellent materials differentiation.


  • Amorphous silicon panel
  • 150kV generator
  • Real-time images
  • High penetration with sub-millimetre resolution
  • Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Intuitive, user-friendly ThreatSpect software

The ThreatScan®-AS1 was designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams.  It meets the real-world needs of security field operatives beautifully. It is quick to set-up and easy to use.  And creates clear, detailed, sub-millimetre images, in real-time. 

The new x-ray equipment was designed for security.  It Allows operators to identify IEDs, explosives, guns, knives, weapons and other threat items. It analyzes items inside packages and is optimised for use in public and other places. Its sophisticated ThreatSpect software greatly speeds and aids detection. It differentiates between materials, helps spot genuine threats and expose hoax items.

The integrated system incorporates a primary display, computer, communications and power supplies in a single, waterproof case.  A secondary display tablet brings high flexibility across multiple applications and threat scenarios.

The robust, portable amorphous silicon x-ray security system has a 430mm x 347mm imaging area and is battery powered.   The AS1 includes a high penetration 150kV generator, a laptop, ThreatSpect software, wireless communication and a transport case.

ThreatSpect is a sophisticated, easy-to-use software system for 3DX-RAY’s portable x-ray equipment.  Its clear, uncluttered, graphical interface offers EOD staff the tools to acquire and process high quality images rapidly.  It delivers extreme functionality in a context-driven environment with maximum screen space for the image.

It can communicate real-time images with a remote command centre.  This allows immediate input from remote personnel.  A range image processing abilities are included, such as materials discrimination, Deep FocusTM, pan, zoom, peel, invert and histogram.  These help specialists to interpret, measure and annotate the image.

ThreatSpect software is designed for first responders, EOD teams, counter surveillance staff, customs and security operatives.

The combination of technologies used in ThreatScan®-AS1 offers exceptional X-ray imaging performance, 3DX-RAYs renowned advanced materials discrimination, and sophisticated image processing software.

3DX-RAY ThreatScan®-AS1 is a robust amorphous silicon portable x-ray inspection systemThe ThreatScan®-AS1 was created for EOD use by Police, Military, Government, and Private Security teams.  It delivers suspect bags and packages inspection to mass transit rail and bus stations, shopping malls, airports, stadia, events and arenas.

The system integrates several technologies to provide an amorphous silicon x-ray security system with exceptional imaging performance.

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