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3DX-Ray and the PAS 97:2021 mail screening and security specification

We produce both conveyor and cabinet X-ray mail screening systems.  They are fully compatible with the new BSI PAS 97:2021 specification.  Much of the information on this page is summarized from BSI’s publications which can be downloaded here.

The PAS 97:2021 specification helps identify and implement postal security and screening measures for any concern.  All businesses and non-commercial concerns still need to send and receive mail, packages and other items.

The greater the potential threat, the greater the necessary commitment of resource and effort to mail screening.  PAS 97 achieves this through mail hazards in two categories and various screening levels.

The categories are “discrete threat objects and bulk materials” and “white powders”

CXi X-ray mail screening – chamber

AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based x-ray system for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband.

  • Ideal for regular volumes screening of mail, bundled mail and packages
  • Large inspection chamber
  • Simple to use, easy to understand
  • Provides baggage/ carry items screening
  • High quality images
  • Differentiates between materials
  • Wheeled for easy repositioning
  • Powerful software aids identification
  • Drugs, alcohol, contraband and threat detection
AxisTM X-ray mail screening – conveyor

x-ray threat detection

  • For fast, bulk throughput 
  • Scans mail, bundled mail, packages and carry items.
  • Powerful user-friendly software
  • Range of tunnel sizes
  • Highlights different materials
  • High quality images
  • Effective threat & contraband detection
  • Differentiates between materials
  • Drugs, alcohol, contraband and threat detection

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Discrete threat objects and bulk materials
This covers bulk quantities of hazardous materials and these are usually clearly discernible when mail is X-rayed.  It includes:

  • explosive and incendiary devices (improvised or of commercial or military origin);
  • firearms and ammunition;
  • knives;
  • blades and other sharp items, (e.g. syringe needles, broken glass);
  • offensive material (e.g. faeces, urine);
  • bulk chemicals – toxic, corrosive or otherwise harmful, including narcotics;
  • bulk biological materials;
  • bulk radiological (radioactive) materials.

White powders

This refers to chemical substances such as explosive, narcotic, biological or radiological materials.  It also covers the benign materials that can be used as hoax threats. “White Powders” are not necessarily “white” or even “powders”, they can be crystalline, oily or waxy residues, or liquids.

The PSA 97 specification then details six separate levels of threat (including a level zero) and associates each of these with the level of protection it offers for both “objects” white powder” threats.

Protective measures

Several classes of measures are detailed in PAS 97 mainly concerning the design, construction and layout of the mail room.  Personal protective measures are also covered including recommended classes for each screening level

  • Also Included in PAS 97
  • General postal security measures
  • Management and responsibility
  • Operating procedures (including emergency procedures)
  • Mail room/screening facility – location, design, layout and construction
  • Screening methods and equipment
  • Human factors
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Actions upon discovery of any suspicious delivered items
  • Notifying the police
  • Possible indicators that a delivered item may be of concern
  • Action upon discovery of any suspicious delivered item
  • Mail facility layout and construction to minimize the effects of an explosive device or “white powder”
  • Additional information on X-ray (Xray) machines for mail screening
  • Mail screening process schematic

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Download the  BSI’s PAS 97: 2021 Mail screening and security specification

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