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New videos of FlatScan-15

3DX-RAY, the x-ray inspection specialist, have launched the latest generation of its innovative FlatScan technology, FlatScan-15.

The new FlatScan-15 is a smaller version of 3DX-RAY’s leading FlatScan-TPXi system – a lightweight and portable x-ray scanning system for security applications. Both systems were designed with a slim profile to meet the needs of first responders and EOD teams, but while the TPXi has a large imaging area to enable rapid scanning of large items, the FlatScan-15 has a detector screen with a much smaller profile in order to address awkward or confined scanning scenarios.

To see this equipment in action click on the links below.

FlatScan-15 compact portable x-ray system x-rays a suspect item under a car

FlatScan-15 portable x-ray system is used to x-ray a suspected bomb 

FlatScan-15 is used to x-ray a suspicious bag left in a reception area

FlatScan-15 is used to x-ray a suspect item in a car

Further Information

Download:   FlatScan-15 Datasheet



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