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Mobile x-ray car and van scanner for customs & security

SVXi mobile x-ray car and van scanner3DX-RAY’s mobile x-ray car and van scanner (SVXi) enables security forces and customs officials to examine an entire vehicle quickly and safely.  Within minutes a complete image is produced with sub-millimetre resolution.  It detects both threat items and contraband.

Advanced imaging processing includes materials discrimination.  This helps to identify ammunition, weapons, IEDs, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and smuggled goods.  A physical search of the same vehicle could take up to 8 hours.

The SVXi mobile x-ray car and van, sometimes called a mobile vehicle scanning tunnel, is quick to deploy. Set up time is typically 15 minutes. It scrutinises vehicles up to the size of a van and is controlled from a remote laptop.  Its dual-energy x-ray scanner checks the vehicle’s internal content in a single pass.  There is no need to unload or open the vehicle.

Mobile units offer substantial advantages over fixed installations.  A fixed installation, at a port or roadblock, can be avoided by choosing a different route.

The x-ray system takes around one minute to screen an entire car or van.  It provides a real-time, sub-millimetre image on a laptop and can share and transfer images to a remote centre.  By providing powerful image processing, it quickly helps to identify an enormous range of threats and contrabands.   

The system can see both into and through compartments, enclosures and hiding places.  

Powerful software offers:

  • Materials discrimination – to highlight specific materials such as inorganic (blue), organic (orange-brown) & mixtures (green)
  • Pan, zoom and rotate – to identify small items, such as IED circuit components
  • 3D emboss – to give a 3D effect and show edges within the image
  • Mono invert and colour modes – to highlight features
  • Autocalibration – for fast, reliable operation
  • Deep focus – to reveal information in light and dark areas at the same time
  • Histogram – to observe detail at different density levels and analyse image data that the human eye cannot see
  • Annotations & measurements

Deploying 3DX-RAY's SVXi mobile x-ray car and van scanner The system is mounted on anything from a multi-terrain vehicle to a low-cost motorised trailer. It is quick to deploy at key locations to fight terrorism and smuggling.

SVXI is suitable not just for security forces and customs officials.  But also for public events, venue security, sporting events, conferences and exhibitions.   These are particularly vulnerable to disruption from both hoax and real threats.  Using the equipment speeds or avoids the flow of attendees without causing unacceptable queues.

SVXi technology builds upon 3DX-RAY’s advanced x-ray equipment and imaging processing software platforms.  Our systems are widely accepted and used at airports, transport hubs and fast-response units worldwide.  

As well as mobile x-ray car and van scanning a fixed unit configuration is also available.