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Metal detectors for night clubs

Metal detectors for night clubs

Metal detectors for night clubs

100 people a minute throughput

Metal detectors for night clubs have become increasingly common.  Especially since the tragic stabbing of a teenager in Sunderland back in 2019.  He had stepped in to defend others.

With the development of knife culture comes the need for prevention and detection. This is, especially true amongst teenagers and young adults.  In the year ending March 2021, there were some 41,000 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales.  Walk through metal detectors for night clubs help combat this trend.

Night clubs have the need to screen people quickly.  Our AXISTM-A24 and A33 walk-through detectors do this.  Up to 100 people a minute can be screened with high detection sensitivity. LED lights show which of the 24, or 33, horizontal zones contain the metal object. This significantly speeds any interventions and reduces public disruption.

Both systems are easy to install and quick to set up.  Both also provide thirty preset detection programs that offer good recognition of objects such as coins, keys, belt buckle, etc.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan famously appealed to schools to use metal detection (knife wands) after four fatal stabbings in a 24 hour period.

AMD - Archway walk-through metal detectors

Archway metal detector for nightclubs

Archway walk-through metal detectors technologies

There are three main sensing technologies used in archway walk-through metal detectors.  The technologies significantly affect the sensitivity and practicality of the detector.  

Pulse induction (PI) detectors produce a time-variable pulsed magnetic field to creates a tiny electric current in metal objects. This creates a magnetic field which is sensed up by the detector. PI detectors can sense ferrous (iron-containing) and non-ferrous objects including brass, copper, bronze, and aluminium.

Continuous wave (CW) detectors produce an oscillating magnetic field. Detectors sense changes in this caused by any metal objects. CW detectors can detect ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

Passive detectors sense the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by metal objects. They can only detect ferrous metals. Aluminium and other non-magnetic metals are not magnetized by the passive Earth’s field are so can’t be detected using this technology.

The actual mass of an item is not particularly important.  For example, even the foil in a cigarette pack can set off a detector. Detection relies more on an item’s size, motion, shape, surface area, alignment conductivity and magnetic properties.  It is also influenced by metal objects in the area.

Health and safety

In the past some people have shown concern over any health side effects from archway walk-through metal detectors.  This is particularly true for pacemakers.  Fortunately, these fears are unfounded. 

Archways produce much weaker electrical fields than even the humble hair-dryer.   Its fields are too weak to cause concern for people with implants or pacemakers.

3DX-RAY Ltd systems offer high detection sensitivity for magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Our multi-layered coil design and high-brightness LEDs pinpoint the horizontal position of metal objects to speed any necessary operator intervention.

We also offer a range of optional service, support and training plans for archway metal detectors.


For product information on our archway metal detectors for night clubs click here.

Download our Archway AXISTM-A24 metal detector datasheet

Download our Archway AXISTM-A33 metal detector datasheet


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