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MDXi – Industrial cabinet x-ray system

MDXi : high resolution turnkey x-ray inspection
MDXi : high resolution turnkey x-ray inspection

MDXi is a high resolution turnkey x-ray inspection system suitable for stand-alone use or production line integration. Its high integrity data can be used for quality assurance and process control making it suitable for batch or pilot plant processing and laboratory testing.

Typically the system is robot loaded and controlled using the same automation control (PLC) as the manufacturing processes.

The system has the capability to detect, measure and analyse features hidden from view to confirm the quality, integrity and safety of a product.  This includes checking for correct alignment, correct size, defects, contamination, coatings and the presence and/or absence of parts.

The system’s automated analysis provides provide real-time pass / fail decisions and data for export and/or integration into quality control, production line or factory SCADA/ SPC systems. It can operate at full production speeds.


The MDXi offers multiple view capability and can be configured to provide optimum resolution for individual applications of products up to 400mm x 430mm (diameter x height).

The system can be provided with comprehensive 24/7 support.