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Production-line x-ray inspection of batteries

Following collaboration with one of the world’s largest producers, 3DX-RAY has installed a version of its DEX x-ray inspection technology for the non-destructive checking of internal battery features.

3DX-Ray is a world leader in x-ray technology and its DEX HRS system can be used as a laboratory tool or on a production line. It can even be wheeled around a factory to cope with fast-changing demands of a modern production environment.

The system can accurately measure linear distances and alignments as well as checking for short circuits and miss-aligned components that may be present in a poorly made electrical assembly. With a rotational and translation stage incorporated, full 360 inspection of the component can take place in seconds. The data it produces can be linked into a QC, SPC or SCADA system.

The system is suitable for all battery and fuel cell types such as alkaline, zinc-carbon/ zinc-chloride, lithium, lead-acid nickel, hydrogen/oxygen, hydrocarbons, alcohol, air, chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

“We are incredibly pleased to have proved that our technology works so well in the rapidly expanding $56 billion battery market,” said CEO Nick Fox, “Our system has proved its ability in round-the clock use in a major installation in the far east, which is predicted to be the main growth area.” 

Designed for general purpose inspection, the DEX HRS system is ideal for applications ranging from the non-destructive testing to the verification of complex assemblies.

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