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Handheld X-Ray security for Bomb Disposal…

Handheld X-Ray security systems can easily and quickly be carried to sites where suspect packages have been spotted either by specialist EOD / IED security teams or by members of the public.  Potential threats demand rapid identification and analysis to ensure safety – and hand carried, or Handheld X-Ray security systems achieve this with minimum disruption.

When a latent threat is identified the level of the threat is urgently needed.  X-ray analysis is both fast and reliable as a first step in its safe neutralisation. 

Areas where this technology is proving vital include high traffic areas such as, airports, rail or bus stations, checkpoints, visitor hot-spots, high profile events and sports venues.  Applications for Handheld X-Ray security equipment also include border and customs control and specialist bomb-disposal teams.

Handheld X-Ray security system

ThreatScan – a handheld X-Ray security system

Portable or Handheld X-Ray security systems dramatically cut the time an EOD team needs to reach critical decisions on the exact nature of a threat.  State-of-the-art software and an intuitive, uncluttered interface that incorporates measurement, annotation, materials discrimination and stitching modules combine smoothly to help users deal with the tensions and threat vectors of a situation and arrive at accurate threat identification or a quick dismissal when no threat is present.

Portable X-Ray Bomb Disposal

Portable X-ray systems are used to examine and analyse the contents of a bomb and identify its internal makeup. For example, it shows if a chemical charge is present and checks the status of the detonator.

Portable Package X-ray security Scanning

Packages that have been left in public areas are among the most serious security threats. 3DX-Ray’s portable / Handheld X-Ray security systems speed and simplify the task of identifying and neutralizing any devices found.  This allows users to recognise the basic components of an IED circuit, the different methods of triggering it and the exact nature of the IED’s firing system.  It provides holistic based indentation of any devices present.

Portable/Handheld X-Ray security for Border Control

Handheld X-Ray security systems are an effective customs inspections tool. They help find and the identify explosives, narcotics, weapons, contraband and the illicit items which impact on the general level of security.  They provide customs officials with an advanced, fast, efficient and safe set of investigative tools.

ThreatScan-LS1-7 handheld X-Ray security

ThreatScan-LS1-7 handheld X-Ray security

Software interface

3DX-Ray Handheld X-Ray security systems provide a wide range of tools to aid identification.  They include:-

  • Decluttered operating screen
  • Single click functions
  • Optimised imaging area
  • Optional direct link to the remote command and control centre so they can view the screen in real time
  • Tablet version available with touch screen interface
  • Image saving (JPEG, PNG, BMP and other common file formats)
  • Autocalibration
  • Measurement, Annotation, Materials Discrimination and Stitching modules
  • Reduced operator training time
Portable X-Ray Security Equipment

We supply the following ThreatScan portable x-ray equipment:

  • LS1 – A large format, lightweight, portable, high resolution x-ray system
  • LS3 – A compact, portable, high resolution x-ray system
  • LSC – A combination, portable, high resolution x-ray system