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Ferromagnetic contraband detection for correctional facilities

Walk By Metal Ferromagnetic contraband detection

Walk By Metal Ferromagnetic contraband detection


3DX-Ray has launched a Walk By Metal Detector for its ferromagnetic contraband detection system. It reveals hidden mobile phones, weapons and contraband.

It is also ideal for screening in public places, high footfall areas and mass events.

Ferromagnetic contraband detection (FMDS or MAD – Magnetic Anomaly Detector) is ideal for correctional facilities. It is effective, fast and simple to use.  Its precision detection and accurate zone alerts revolutionize the portable screening of concealed inmate and visitor contraband.

Being highly portable it is very fast to deploy. Simply turn it on and it is active. Battery power provides 10-16 hours of screening from a four-hour charge. It fills a gap in traditional security systems.

In correctional facilities its advanced ferrous detection can provide surprise or covert screening. It can scan inmates, visitors and their belongings, including:

  • Mobile phones (both on and off)
  • Mattresses
  • Laundry items
  • Commissary items
  • Razors
  • Tattoo needles

It easily detects and shows the position of both small and large size objects.  And its high detection sensitivity includes double sensitivity detection in the biggest concealment areas.

This allows the system to detect very small items of contraband.  These are often missed by alternative technologies.

The FMDS’ high mobility also helps detect contraband that enters via non-traditional points of entry.  These include over the wall, drone and other smuggled scenarios.

The 3DX-Ray FMDS delivers 70% higher detection than other leading systems.  And it is designed to get smarter over time.  It uses the Xact ID intelligent detection platform where its machine learning is boosted by data from millions of screenings.

The ferrous walk-by-metal detectors are 100% passive and do not radiate or emit. Instead, they detect even minute changes in the Earth’s magnetic field that are caused by ferrous objects.  They are completely safe for everyone, even pregnant ladies or people with pacemakers or metal plates.

The new walk-by-metal detector incorporates advanced noise filtering.  Enhanced sensor design significantly increases detection sensitivity.  It provides consistent head-to-toe detection plus exceptional digital mitigation of non-contraband interference in noisy areas.

The FMDS employs innovative new technology which cuts nuisance alarms by 50%. It also ignores any effects caused by nearby stationary nearby metal objects including metal doors, hatches, machinery etc..

As well as correctional facilities Ferromagnetic metal detection systems can be used to detect weapons and iron objects in

  • pole metal contraband

    Ferromagnetic contraband detection

    Concert venues
  • Public buildings
  • Political and public events
  • High-footfall public areas
  • Football stadia
  • Shopping malls
  • Railway stations
  • Bus terminals
  • Ports
  • Police stations
  • Secure facilities

3DX-Ray’s new, portable, ferromagnetic contraband detection system for correctional facilities provides substantial advantages in the fight against smuggled goods and terror items.

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