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EOD advanced bomb disposal suit

EOD advanced bomb disposal suitOur new, EOD advanced bomb disposal suit meets NATO STANAG 2920.  We believe it offers EOD staff the highest protection of any current comparable product. It also provides the best value.

The suit is economic, efficient & effective.  So, it provides maximum comfort, flexibility and protection.  The body armour withstands explosive pressure and fragments. It protects all parts of the body, deflecting or stopping projectiles and critically reducing blast wave forces.

Specialist operators need an EOD advanced bomb disposal suit for reconnaissance and rendering bombs and IEDs safe.  No matter if they turn out to be hoax, potential or genuine explosive devices, all threats must be treated as real until known otherwise.  3DX bomb suits deliver impressive protection from fragmentation explosive overpressure, thermal and other effects.

The up-armoured 3DX-EOD bomb disposal suit is used by armed forces in dozens of countries.  Its NATO Stock number is 8470-99-990-0090. All materials used and ballistic levels achieved meet STANAG 2920. Ballistic inserts are waterproof-treated Kevlar HT. They are enclosed in a water-resistant and anti-ultraviolet light membrane. The outer cover is made of flame-retardant NOMEX IIIA.

The suit includes:

  • Helmet with visor, air cooling fan
  • Neck protector plate
  • Chest protector plate
  • Jacket with attached collar
  • Shoulder protectors
  • Spinal protector
  • Hand protectors
  • Flexible groin blast plate
  • Trousers with knee protectors
  • Shoe covers
  • Molle strips
  • An optional cooling suit, with an extremely powerful cooling pump
  • Optional communications system

The suit has a simple to use remote controller.  It includes an external plug for an optional communication system.  This offers hardwired duplex communications, a VHF or UHF radio transceiver.

The suit’s helmet has a GRP skin with an elastomeric Aramid core. Perfect fit is guaranteed by a three-point suspension harness and removable spacer pads.  An anti-blast throat guard eliminates any gaps between helmet and collar. Communication speakers automatically eliminate any noise over70 decibels.

The jacket is side-opening and contains flexible Kevlar armour. Molle strips on each sleeve allow for additional tools.  Exceptionally strong blast plates can be attached with quick-release straps to protect the neck, chest and groin.

The neck, chest and groin plates are combined within a single carrier.  It is fixed in place using a webbing.  It is elasticated so the groin blast plate angles forwards when the operator is kneeling.

The suit’s flexible Kevlar armour trousers are fully adjustable.   Knees are reinforced with heavy duty kneeling pads.

The EOD advanced bomb disposal suit can be supplied with a cooling suit, with a very powerful pump.

For maximum protection the suits have interchangeable gloves and wrist guard attachments. This provides mobility and protection and avoids cross contamination of any evidence found (e.g., fingerprints).

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