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Customer receives “Security Solution of the Year” award with FlatScan-TPXi

The Estonian company Hansab, who provide innovative high-tech integrated security solutions to business, has been recognised by the Estonian Security Association for sales of FlatScan-TPXi portable x-ray equipment to the Tax and Customs Board of Estonia.

Hansab was awarded the “2011 Security Solution of the Year” title. The award ceremony will take place at the annual Security Conference.
The Estonian Security Association publishes an annual appreciation of the previous years’ best security solutions. It recognises companies and organizations who have significantly contributed to human security. The provision of such recognition by  the Security Association wishes to draw attention to innovative, technically and organizationally complex solutions in security.

Hansab say:
“The advantage of FlatScan-TPXi is that it is a completely portable lightweight X-ray machine; its mobility, easy installation and easy use when trying to obtain a required X-ray no matter where the setting may be. They are very user-friendly systems that transmit high-quality digital images via a wireless Internet connection. These digital images are made by using computed radiology. Digital functionality is the best working asset of a portable X-ray machine. The device can be used to check luggage, vehicle and pallet contents, it helps to find hidden objects installed into walls, petrol tanks etc without opening them.”

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