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Corporate and hotel x-ray mail scanning

Postal  for corporate and hotel x-ray scanning mail devices, or hoax devices designed to look suspicious, create a lot of disruption to the targeted organisation.

Terrorists and others wishing to cause harm or disruption have long used postal and courier services to deliver hazardous items to their targets.

Threats concealed in envelopes and packages pose serious danger to both facilities and their occupants. However, Facility Managers seldom assess or mitigate the risk exposure from threats concealed in incoming mail and parcels. The potential consequences can be overcome by implementing one or more screening methods, customised to match your risk profile.

A risk assessment from 3DX-Ray highlights the threats to your organisation.  Then it shows the precautions needed to protect your business and your staff.

Delivered items can include letters, packets and parcels and may contain:

  • Explosive or incendiary devices
  • Sharps or blades
  • Offensive materials
  • Chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials or devices.

Terrorist attacks all over the world are a real and serious danger.

Hotels, businesses and restaurants are subject to terrorist attacks.  Terrorists continue to target crowded places which often have limited protective security measures.  Such areas offer the potential for mass fatalities and casualties.

Threats can be brought in with luggage bags, handbag, travel bags, briefcase, suitcase, hotel deliveries or sent through the post. Using the Cabinet or conveyor X-ray security will help to identify threats.

AXIS-CXI chamber mail screening

The system offers

  • Ideal for regular volumes of mail and packages
  • User friendly with powerful tools and abilities
  • Full training offered
  • Screens mail and baggage
  • Large inspection chamber
  • Clear high-quality images
  • Colours different materials
  • Easy to move or reposition
  • Elegant modern design

Both our CXiTM cabinet and AxisTM conveyor x-ray mail scanning systems make identification simple.  They produce clear images that highlights material types using different colours.

AxisTM X-ray mail screening – conveyor

  • For fast, bulk mail and package throughput 
  • Scans bags, briefcases and carry-items
  • User-friendly software
  • Highlights different materials
  • Clear high quality images
  • Range of tunnel sizes
  • Effective threat detection

To support our corporate scanning systems, and hotel x-ray scanning systems, we train operatives.  We also run regular courses on training on contraband and detecting threats in mail. The courses include both theory and hands-on practical sessions. They teach users how to spot and identify contraband, threats and other items. These include prohibited items such as knives, guns, cameras, mobile phones, powders, drugs and liquids.

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