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Contract to inspect nuclear waste


3DX-RAY Ltd  is pleased to announce the signing of a £0.75million contract for the supply of an x-ray inspection system for use at a major nuclear facility in the UK.

Building on the experiences acquired from the Company’s previous contracts in the nuclear sector, Chief Technical Officer, Nick Fox, has been working closely with the customer to offer an innovative x-ray solution for the management of nuclear waste. The image quality and the analysis thereof offered by the Company were critical to the client in meeting their requirements. The Company intends to look to other opportunities within this sector.

CEO, Louise George, commented “The fact that the Company has again been selected to provide services to the nuclear industry demonstrates our excellence and reliability in delivering high quality image resolution in a controlled environment. Our strengthening reputation has enabled the Company to pursue strategies specific to each of the security and the industrial sectors with the benefit of minimising the risk of reliance on one customer or one market and therein providing a stronger base from which the Company can expand.”