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What is a cabinet X-ray system?

A cabinet X-ray system is a shielded unit that shows a digital x-ray image of anything placed inside. It can identify bombs, weapons, contraband or powders such as Anthrax and Ricin. Ideally it is mobile for use in mailrooms, lobbies and goods inward areas.


The new AXIS™-CXi scans and screens parcels, mail and small baggage to reveal dangerous items or contraband.  It is at the forefront of its class by including aviation-standard materials discrimination in its functionality.

The system has a large inspection chamber and produces images with unrivalled resolution. Industry leading image processing software includes APD as standard.

Being mobile it is easily wheeled to new areas where its small footprint but large imaging make it ideal for multiple uses. 

Applications include:-
  • Mail Rooms
  • Building entrances and receptions
  • Theft prevention
  • Executive mail screening
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Goods inward areas
  • Detecting contraband
Features of cabinet X-ray system include:-
  • Aviation standard materials discrimination
  • Large inspection chamber but a small footprint
  • Advanced powder detection (APD)
  • Unrivalled image resolution
  • Industry leading image processing software 
  • Automatic image archiving
  • True and aviation standard materials discrimination (organic, metals and inorganic)

The AXIS™-CXi is ideal for detecting improvised explosive devices (IEDs), razor blades, weapons, powders, biochemical threats and contraband such as drugs. It is powerful, clear and easy to use.

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