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3DX-RAY to supply powerful x-ray inspection system to diamond processing operation in Africa

Loughborough, UK – 8 July 2013 – 3DX-RAY, the x-ray inspection specialists, has announced today that it has signed a new contract with a major new diamond processing facility in Africa. The deal means 3DX-RAY will supply its fully integrated and high quality AXIS-64 system to help prevent losses from the site.

The AXIS-64 system will be installed at the new facility, currently being built for more than 200 staff, to screen employees as they enter and leave the processing facilities to ensure that diamonds are not removed from the site unlawfully. By providing this additional layer of security the 3DX-RAY system will enable more processing to be undertaken in Africa, rather than at other facilities in Europe.

3DX-RAY’s system underwent an extensive validation-testing program with the customer to ensure that it could deliver very high reliability at very fine resolutions to ensure that even the smallest stones cannot be taken out of the facility.

Initially one AXIS-64 system is being installed as part of a long term development program with more equipment to be installed over time as the processing operation ramps in scale across the region.

Vincent Deery of 3DX-RAY, said: “This is another significant contract win for the company and it demonstrates the investment we have made in developing our x-ray technology beyond the industry norms. Our system was tested among a number of competitors and it was the most appropriate performing system of all the solutions for this particular application.
“In particular the AXIS-64 system offers exceptionally high resolutions to ensure that security operatives can see even the finest details in smaller packages and bags that is just not be possible with other equipment.”

3DX-RAY’s AXIS-64 system is a fully integrated stand-alone x-ray inspection system, ideally suited to small package inspection. The system provides excellent image quality, materials discrimination, powerful image enhancement and processing functions for rapid and accurate interpretation of images – increasing throughput and decreasing the incidence of false alarms.