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3DX-Ray Secures New Contract for Asian Customer

3DX-Ray have announced a sale of its ThreatScan®- LS3 lightweight, x-ray scanner system to an undisclosed government agency in Asia.

After initial operator training provided by 3DX-Ray, the system will be deployed in co-operation with the United Nations on mine and EOD clearance peace keeping missions in the Middle East and Africa.

ThreatScan®- LS3 is a compact, yet powerful x-ray scanning system that can penetrate 34mm steel at 120kV as standard.  The 305mm x 256mm imaging area enables typical bags and packages to be scanned in one scan. The complete system fits securely into a backpack, ideal for operations in remote locations.

Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, ThreatScan® systems operate with the intuitive and user-friendly ThreatSpect software to produce high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

The ThreatScan®- LS3 is designed so that the operative can achieve accurate high-quality images quickly and efficiently.