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3DX-RAY at Intersec Dubai, 2013

3DX-RAY Ltd at Intersec 2013, Dubai

15th to 17th January 2013 

3DX-RAY Ltd, the original inventor of the FlatScan technology, is now launching the FlatScan-2 into the portable x-ray screening market.

3DX-RAY designs and manufactures a range of innovative security solutions for the security market, including baggage, vehicle and portable x-ray scanning systems.

At Intersec Dubai we will be launching the latest FlatScan-2 systems. 3DX-RAY is the original designer and manufacturer of the FlatScan technology. FlatScan-2 will uniquely be offered with a 3D imaging module.

The FlatScan-2 also offers a significantly increased penetration of up to 40mm and this ability to see through dense objects, coupled with a 50% improvement in image quality, provides the user with a huge improvement in their portable imaging capabilities.

3DX-RAY offers the SVXi and AutoScan-D for x-ray screening whole vehicles. The SVXi is a self-contained mobile system which can be operational in 15 minutes. The AutoScan-D is a drive through deployable screening system.

For further information contact or telephone +44(0) 1509 817 400