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3DX-RAY expands MDXi industrial product family

New MDXi-200 to reduce cost and space for customers

Loughborough, UK – September 17 2012: 3DX-RAY has launched its new MDXi-200 x-ray inspection system, expanding its industrial inspection product portfolio. The new MDXi-200 has a compact footprint that delivers a cost reduction while increasing the effectiveness of process control for organisations performing x-ray inspection on production lines.

The new MDXi-200 deploys the same x-ray screening technology as 3DX-RAY’s existing MDXi-400 system but offers smaller capacity. This allows for the MDXi-200 to be applied to a broader range of manufacturing markets where production line footprint is a key consideration for inspection systems, and is increasingly a factor in the planning and cost of productions lines.

The MDXi-200’s capacity is 50% of the MDXi-400, enabling the cost of ownership and footprint to be significantly reduced. At the same time the accuracy and functionality of the x-ray scanner has been increased, guaranteeing the reliability of product, whilst also enabling 24/7 operation of the system in-line.

3DX-RAY’s MDXi product family allows plant and laboratory workers the capability to detect, measure and analyse features hidden from view such as defects, missing parts and contamination at full production speed.

Industrial inspection is vital and with the use of high quality x-ray imaging systems manufacturers are able to inspect opaque products and verify their integrity and manufacturing quality in real time without the need to undertake destructive testing or strip down analysis, to identify features that may have a significant impact either on performance or safety of products.

Vincent Deery, sales director at 3DX-RAY, said: “We are extremely pleased to add the MDXi-200 system to our product range. The reduction in size will potentially enable a return on investment for some processes to less than 12 months. We have responded to the needs expressed by our customers and our own market investigations to develop the new compact product. The endorsement of this customer feedback and market analysis strategy has been the multiple orders received to date for the new MDXi-200.”

The equipment will be delivered with 3DX-RAY’s standard industrial software with additional analysis modules.

The MDXi-400 – a high-resolution x-ray inspection system is a stand-alone mobile unit suitable for batch or pilot plant processing and laboratory testing, which ensures the quality of the imaging remains high. It was initially developed and deployed specifically to inspect catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.

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About 3DX-RAY
3DX-RAY Ltd. provides innovative x-ray inspection equipment for the security and industrial markets. The company’s state-of-the-art image processing techniques and expert knowledge, enable it to provide customers with cost effective, optimised solutions for detecting faults, concealed features or threats. 3DX-RAY’s innovative technology has been deployed in a wide range of applications by organisations at the forefront of the security and industrial sectors.

3DX-RAY is a wholly owned subsidiary of Image Scan Holdings company plc, and represents the product-oriented, customer-facing part of the AiM-listed group first established in 1996.

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