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SVXi mobile x-ray car and van scanner

3DX-RAY delivers rapid deployment vehicle x-ray inspection system

System provides ultra-high sub mm resolution images of entire vehicle with less than ten minutes set up time.

3DX-RAY has announced the SVXi small vehicle x-ray inspection system, a rapid deployment, mobile x-ray system that can be set up and operational in under ten minutes. In comparison, thorough physical searches can take anything up to 8 hours, and up to ten hours to rebuild. As a result the SVXi system can increase throughput in a wide range of security applications such as Customs & Excise, public events and conferences and can also be deployed in EOD incidents to scan suspect vehicles. The system can produce a detailed x-ray image of an entire vehicle (up to the size of a transit van) with sub mm resolution, increasing the probability of detection and reducing the probability of false alarms.

3DX-RAY’s innovative system can simply be driven to a site, used and then moved on – producing the image without ever having to touch or move the suspect vehicle – crucial for a safe threat detection operation.

Often operatives are looking for very small objects that are rarely found when conducting a physical search, wasting valuable time. In comparison, the SVXi system utilises 3DX-RAY’s line scan technology and can see through up to 30mm of solid steel. With a variety of image processing modes, including mono view, invert view, continuous zoom and pan, image rotatation and histogram analysis, the SVXi system offers ‘best in class’ image quality. Moreover, the system incorporates 3DX-RAY’s DeepFocus™ algorithm to enhance contrast in dark regions whilst still retaining fine-wire contrast with no loss of data. Turn-key operation and automatic calibration also enables security organisations to reduce operator training times.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the SVXi can be mounted on a wide range of transportation from sophisticated multi-terrain vehicles to low cost motorised trailers.

The system is available now from 3DX-RAY.

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About 3DX-RAY
3DX-RAY Ltd. provides innovative x-ray inspection equipment for the security and industrial markets. The company’s state-of-the-art image processing techniques and expert knowledge, enable it to provide customers with cost effective, optimised solutions for detecting faults, concealed features or threats. 3DX-RAY’s innovative technology has been deployed in a wide range of applications by organisations at the forefront of the security and industrial sectors.

3DX-RAY is a wholly owned subsidiary of Image Scan Holdings company plc, and represents the product-oriented, customer-facing part of the AiM-listed group first established in 1996.

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