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3DX-RAY is the main trading subsidiary of Image Scan Holdings plc, a technology group which is listed on the London Stock Exchange Market AIM. We operate globally – both directly and through partners – from our headquarters in Loughborough in Leicestershire, UK.

Image Scan’s shares are traded on AIM under ticker IGE. Share price information can be found on the London Stock Exchange website.

The group was formed in 1996 to exploit novel tools and technologies related to the acquisition and presentation of stereoscopic and multiple view x-ray images.

This has resulted in a portfolio of advanced real-time x-ray screening systems with applications in both the security and industrial inspection markets, offering ‘best in class’ x-ray images and a powerful range of processing tools to provide optimum clarity and resolution.

3DX-RAY supplies a range of portable, rapid deployment and static security solutions to the security sector worldwide including Government and private security organisations.

The Company’s customers include police, military, security services, bomb disposal teams, prisons, ports, airports, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, corporate HQs, mail rooms, stadia and events operators.

3DX-RAY has applied the same high quality image acquisition technology to the non-destructive industrial inspection market where our equipment is used to examine products with concealed features and components.

Our industrial range includes production on-line, batch and laboratory systems and has been installed in industrial plants globally.

3DX-RAY Ltd maintains a quality management system which has been certified to fulfil the requirements of IS0 9001:2008 standard.

Image Scan Holdings plc is registered in England (no.3062983). The information within the investor relations pages are in accordance with AIM Rule 26. For information regarding local distribution please contact us using our enquiry form.