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Portable X-Ray Sale to US Federal Agency

Image Scan (AIM: IGE), specialists in the field of X-ray imaging for the security and industrial inspection markets, announces the award of a contract to supply a portable X-ray scanning system to a Federal Agency in the USA. The contract is the first part of a framework order that could lead to the purchase of a further twelve systems.

The ThreatScan®-LS3 system consists of a compact imaging panel, a portable wireless I-Gen x-ray generator, a laptop imaging station with wireless communication and Image Scan’s advanced ThreatSpect image processing software.

Following on from the sale to a police department bomb squad announced in September, this first order from a federal agency is a further significant step in Image Scan’s development of the important US market.

Bill Mawer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Image Scan commented: “I am delighted to add this new US customer to our extensive and growing list of ThreatScan® users. Bomb disposal equipment is procured at both local and federal level in the USA, and it is pleasing to be able to show that we can reach both types of customers.”


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